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About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Alleviate Air was formed in 2023 to launch a series of new-to-the-world pneumatic shoe footwear cushioning inserts directly to the consumer to increase physical activity and reduce pain.  Whether you are a performance athlete on the field, soldier in theater, or a normal person standing, walking, jogging, running, or playing throughout the day – Alleviate Air products represent the simplest, yet most technically sophisticated high performance shoe inserts on the market. 

Alleviate Air is taking decades of experience working with the country’s most sophisticated sports and military institutions, to bring a new series of unique products that out-perform all other shoe inserts directly to the consumer.  Alleviate Air’s core mission is to reduce pain and provide comfort with an unprecedented level of footwear cushioning quality and performance, at a fair and affordable price, leading to increased physical activity and customized for all ages, sizes, level of activity and personal need.

Getting to Know Jeff

Dr. Wiggins’ passion is developing advanced polymer cushioning materials to improve human performance, reduce pain and injury, and increase comfort for people and athletes.  His first non-footwear pneumatic cushioning product was sponsored by Rawlings sporting goods to develop a high energy cushioning system for their new line of football helmets.  In 2012, Rawlings Sporting Goods introduced the Quantum football helmet that integrated pneumatic cushioning technology developed in the laboratories of Professor Wiggins. Upon its release, the Quantum was immediately recognized as an elite 5-Star helmet amongst the highest performing helmets on the market and worn on the field by hundreds of NFL players, and athletes at hundreds of colleges and thousands of high schools.  

Alleviate Air, LLC is a science and engineering-based footwear insert company founded in 2023 by Professor Jeff Wiggins, Ph.D. who is a globally recognized expert in developing high energy absorbing materials for athletes and soldiers in footwear and helmet applications.  Prior to his professorship, he served as General Manager of Nike In-House Manufacturing in Beaverton, Oregon managing >1200 employees with responsibility for Nike Air footwear cushioning product development, materials science, product engineering, and manufacturing operations.  He transitioned to the University of Southern Mississippi as a professor in the School of Polymer Science and Engineering where he has managed >$50M in advanced materials research contracts, graduated >30 Ph.D. polymer scientists, and published >200 science manuscripts.

Dr. Jeff Wiggins


The performance of the Rawlings Quantum helmet led to advanced pneumatic cushioning helmet systems for the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center and Army Research Laboratory, and since that time Professor Wiggins has been working with the U.S. Army to develop a variety of cushioning technology helmet and footwear cushioning applications to enhance warfighter stamina, reduce foot, leg and back injuries, and improve soldier protection.  This work has developed numerous soldier cushioning systems in helmets, footwear and other high energy absorbing devices developed to protect soldiers, enhance stamina, improve comfort, and reduce pain & injuries.

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